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Imagine living in a home decked up with delightful paintings, capable of rekindling your senses and filling your heart with boundless joy and creativity. Often, amidst the drudgery of daily life, it’s the soul-stirring impact of art that reminds us how beautiful life is!

Let’s talk about Nida Jahain who strives to take her love for nature to another level by curating “authentic, beautiful floral paintings that translate the vision of customers to enhance the value of time spent in their homes and nurture unforgettable memories.” The biggest reward for any artist lies in the way his/her work influences the world.

Nida believes “If a painting of mine can take you back to a beautiful memory or connect you to my thoughts as a human or help you cherish an event in your life, then I’d call myself content and happy as an artist. It is exactly what I’m aiming to achieve in the coming years.”

Lending a helping hand with Bloom in Botanicals

Nida intends to help other aspiring artists in their journey through her brand Bloom in Botanicals which aims to provide educational resources to the art community worldwide. Apart from short courses to masterclasses, Bloom has an exclusively curated watercolour membership for aspiring floral enthusiasts to learn, discover and flourish in botanicals. The monthly watercolour lessons are meant for both experienced as well as artists new to the world of watercolour, providing ample opportunity to meet fellow artists and build a strong community bond to help each other out.

If you want to instill a dash of happiness into your beloved home, trust Nida Jahain to evoke “beautiful memories and pleasant feelings” through breath-taking paintings that capture the nuances of human emotions through beautiful imagery.

Often the hobbies of childhood evolve into lifelong passions in adulthood

Nida’s love for paintings can be traced back to her childhood days when she just played around with colours and without even being aware, displayed an extraordinary ability to create art. The three-year-old Nida’s artistic exploits are carefully preserved by her parents.

Soon creativity took a backseat as life took over. Nida pursued a degree in architecture and worked in Dubai for some time. Again, in the year 2019, she began dabbling in painting as a post-lunch activity. When her first child was born, she “had to find something to fill my days”. That’s when the 28-year-old decided to pour her heart and soul into her first love — painting. She adds “As I started painting and sharing those on Instagram, people began taking note of my work. Gradually, my friends and family started requesting customized paintings. Thus, they became my first customers.” With more orders, her confidence soared and there was no looking back as her hobby was now on the verge of expanding into a “full-time business with clients from across the globe.”

How about putting up frames of tiny gardens inside your home?

Nida specializes in creating “mindfully curated stunning floral paintings”, purely watercolour-based and follows a subtle, dreamy approach that lends a niche ambience. What stands out is the unconventional style of painting botanicals quite unlike the landscape or loose floral painting adopted by most artists. The pastel colour palettes and stunning compositions effectively lure art-lovers all over the world by creating an aura of beauty and bliss. Nida’s unique approach to colour palettes will “remind you of a beautiful dewy summer morning.”

With the products being shipped overseas, 80% of her customer base is settled abroad. Although the startup has sold an impressive 200+ paintings, its founder isn’t going to simply rest on her laurels anytime soon. Nida is committed to not just creating art but also teaching art through an online watercolour membership school, curated only for those watercolour artists who are interested in floral art. She also conducts offline workshops and recently conducted one in Muscat, Oman.

Blueprint for the future

You know you’re on the right track when all your products are “sold out” in the blink of an eye and you’re compelled to turn down further orders owing to the “out of stock” dilemma!

Having set up a dedicated studio, Nida is overlooking the construction of her website that’ll help expand the business and garner more attention for her paintings. She plans to start a print business soon in an attempt to make forays into the Indian market which is yet to warm up to her premium paintings.

Before signing off, Nida says “I am looking forward to establishing myself as a brand that people associate with beautiful botanical art and expand into the realm of surface pattern designs and home decor products. I’m aiming to see my name being used parallelly for dainty and dreamy botanical art.”

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