Unleashing the Vibrancy and Power of Coloured Diamonds

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4 min readMar 22, 2023

Innovative designers in India are revitalizing the jewellery industry by incorporating contemporary elements and pioneering techniques into their avant-garde creations, propelling the craft into a new era of style and sophistication. One such trailblazing brand leading the way is House of Hue, founded by Nicole, Akash, and Prithvi.

With natural-coloured diamonds on sterling silver as their signature element, House of Hue is making waves in the industry and bringing a fresh perspective to jewellery design. The brand’s unique approach has garnered significant attention and praise, setting them apart as a first-of-its-kind concept in India.

You can view the entire collection here: https://www.houseofhue.in/collection

The Power of Colour

Their concept is both simple and impactful. The brand strongly believes that colour is an essential element of our lives, with each hue representing distinct emotions and meanings. Challenging the conventional notion that the most exceptional diamonds are white, House of Hue offers a range of stunning coloured-natural diamonds. Their goal is to spread joy and celebrate the beauty of minimalism through their designs, highlighting the exquisite charm of coloured diamonds and using the nouveau concept of Colour Enhanced Diamonds to bring out the diverse culture, allowing our jewels to help us express what this shining world offers! View more about the colours here: https://www.houseofhue.in/blogs/blog-posts/what-do-different-coloured-diamonds-signify

About the Diamonds

The diamonds used are colour enhanced or “Gemmologically Modified for Hue” as they say. The original mined natural diamond has undergone a specific process to further intensify the colour and bring out the brightness and intensity that we see in their designs.

House of Hue provides a Certificate of Authenticity with every piece delivered to assure that these are natural diamonds.

Affordable Luxury

House of Hue, the Indian jewellery brand, is breaking the stereotype of diamonds being a luxury to wear every day with its affordable prices starting from INR 6,500. The brand aims to bring the luxury of natural diamonds to young, confident and expressive women who desire to match their jewellery with any outfit for any occasion, be it a business meeting or brunch with friends! See what you can match your outfit with here: https://www.houseofhue.in/collections.

House of Hue’s accessible pricing allows more individuals to embrace and indulge in the beauty of natural-coloured diamonds, making them an essential addition to any jewellery collection.

House of Hue: A Bright Future Ahead

The founder, Nicole Manilal, has a strong background in the diamond and jewellery industry, having grown up in a family business. With her knowledge of the industry and passion for diamonds, she saw a gap in the market for jewellery that was not just stylish but also meaningful.

House of Hue was born out of this desire to bring colour and expressiveness to the world of diamond jewellery.

Incorporating natural-coloured diamonds into their pieces, House of Hue has set its sights on becoming a leading global brand. The company is committed to offering distinctive designs of exceptional quality at affordable prices. The brand’s popularity is growing rapidly, and it has already bagged successful collaborations on a global level. With a strong vision for the future, House of Hue is a brand to watch.

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