Truly Blessed: A skincare start-up by entrepreneur parents that aims to help moms, first time moms and new parents who are struggling to find the right solution to their child’s skincare needs.

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5 min readSep 5, 2022

Parenting doesn’t come with a tried-and-tested manual. You learn to face new challenges and come up with innovative solutions as you go along. While new parents try their best to provide utmost comfort and care to their child, what they often struggle with is the child’s skincare routine. Owing to lack of awareness and understanding, the delicate skin of the young ones are often exposed to skincare products laden with harsh chemicals.

Launched on 12th February 2022 by Gaurav Singh and Charu Smita, Truly Blessed is an earnest attempt to facilitate better lives for parents and children by creating clean, natural & harmful toxins free skincare products for babies. Besides giving a boost to sustainable living, the brand aims to create a positive impact and be a part of the change for a better world.

Every parent starts off as an amateur

As first-time parents, Gaurav and Charu had a lot to learn, unlearn and relearn, especially when it came to dealing with their child’s skincare problems. Gaurav explains “We had very little understanding that our child’s skin could be sensitive. He kept reacting to every diaper rash cream that we used, every moisturizing lotion or face cream that we tried and got dry skin after each bath regime. This left us completely shattered and we felt helpless on what could go wrong. Our only option was to use clinical products for our child.”

That’s when Charu started reading up on the labels of each skincare product to understand what could possibly cause harm to her baby’s skin. Since she had closely worked in the chemical industry with deep insight on personal and beauty care chemicals, the new mother started deep diving into the ingredients. Charu says “We figured out the products that we used had very high content of preservatives, reactive actives and toxins which were not safe for sensitive skin babies.”

After long research and extensive discussions with several scientists, suppliers and partners, the couple zeroed down on key specific ingredients and got their products formulated. Gaurav’s brief stint in South Korea helped him understand the Baby and Personal care market.

“We wanted every parent to have the best skin solution for their babies and to not face issues as we did as new parents understanding what could cause the kid skin issues.” emphasizes Gaurav.

In fact, Gaurav’s hands-on experience in product development and Charu’s vast research on skincare led to the creation of clean natural baby products especially suited for babies’ sensitive skin. That’s how Truly Blessed was born.

Trusted, Clean, Gentle Skincare for Babies

Truly Blessed is a clean, natural baby care brand curating product for babies with sensitive skin. The products are completely safe and gentle on a baby’s soft, tender skin. Each product is safe, 100% vegan, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. In the first phase, the brand has launched four distinguished products namely hair and body wash, moisturizing lotion, diaper rash cream, and soothing dream cream.

But you don’t need to have sensitive skin to use Truly Blessed products. They are great for any skin type! Care has been taken to keep harmful toxins at bay, thus creating products that are absolutely safe, clean, natural and gentle for the babies. You won’t find traces of Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, Petrolatum, Minerals or Nanoparticles in any of the products.

This Made in India startup has acquired international accreditation standards after yearlong research of identifying ingredients that are safe for skins of little ones and understanding the formulation requirements including mostly non-irritants for the babies’ skin. Gaurav adds further

“We have focused our research on creating a complete baby range which is necessary for the new age parents.”

As a promising D2C Brand, Truly Blessed is currently available on all the major online portals — Amazon, Flipkart, First Cry and Smytten, besides selling through its website. Services are accessible all across India through online platforms while expanding the business offline is still being explored.

Setting out to make a difference for new parents

Though still in its nascent stage, Truly Blessed is truly overwhelmed with the positive response that it has received within months of its inception. Having served more than 1000 new parents in the past 4 months, the brand is confident of reaching out to lakhs of parents who are struggling to find the right solution to their child’s skin care needs.

Before signing off, Charu says “We envision Truly Blessed to be a household name that would serve customers with quality premium products at an affordable price.”

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