The Jewel Closet’s Unique Handcrafted Silver Jewelry for the Modern Wardrobe-

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4 min readJan 19, 2023

Handcrafted silver jewelry has always been an essential part of Indian culture and tradition, but it is not only limited to traditional occasions. With the changing times, the demand for handcrafted Indian jewelry for everyday wear has increased. The Jewel Closet is a startup that aims to cater to this demand and bring unique and handcrafted Indian jewelry to the modern wardrobe. The Jewel Closet is the brainchild of Shubhangi Khandelwal, who launched the brand on in year 2021. Shubhangi is a jewelry designer and has completed her graduation and jewelry design from IIGJ Jaipur. She comes from a family of diamond and gold jewelry merchants, but she wanted to venture into the world of silver jewelry. She noticed that more and more people were opting for minimal jewelry, and she wanted to cater to this demand by starting a brand that offered minimal & everyday wear.

A closet full of treasures: The uniqueness of The Jewel Closet’s products-

The uniqueness of The Jewel Closet’s products lies in the fact that they are made in 92.5% silver & are locally made by Jaipur artisans. The Jewelry is fortified & hallmark certified, and the company is also hallmark certified. This ensures that the customers are getting high-quality products that are durable & long lasting.

The story of founder-

Driven by the dream of having her own brand, and completing her Jewellery diploma education form Jaipur, Shubhangi, the founder of The Jewel Closet, born & brought up in Jaipur & belonging to the jewellery family itself, she always had an eye for art and beauty. For expertise in this field, she used to work in a highly reputed company for a year and before that she also holds an experience of in gold & diamond jewellery business as a jewellery designer for more than 3 years. She believes that jewelry is something that can be worn every day, and her major focus is on minimal, and trendy Jewellery. So, after she got married in year 2020 in a very good family who supported her to follow her dreams! So, to have her own jewellery brand & to showcase her mind & hand in creativity she finally designed her own brand-The Jewel Closet in mid-2021, A startup & a contemporary 92.5% silver jewellery brand for everyday wear.

From the Closet to the World: The Jewel Closet’s Mission and Vision for Expansion-

The Jewel Closet’s mission is to have a global recognition & to export its products to overseas markets. They have already received orders from countries like the USA Canada, Spain and many more and their major focus is to expand the brand and make it more accessible to customers worldwide.

The Startup’s Growth and Expansion-

The Jewel Closet has served more than 1000 customers till now and has received positive reviews from customers. The brand is currently selling online through their website, etsy & b2b and also offline in local exhibitions! The founder, Shubhangi, manages everything from scratch, and she wants to expand the brand more in the future and to have a factory of her own. In conclusion, The Jewel Closet is a brand that is committed to providing unique and handcrafted Indian jewelry to the modern wardrobe. The brand’s mission is to expand its reach to customers worldwide and to make its products more accessible. With its growing customer base, and positive reviews, The Jewel Closet is definitely a brand to watch out for in the future.

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