The Healing Power of Art: How Rajani Bhagya’s Creative Zindagi Transformed Adversity into Artistic Entrepreneurship

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3 min readMay 27, 2023


Art has the remarkable ability to serve as a therapeutic outlet for individuals. Engaging in artistic expression allows one to tap into their emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a deeply personal and cathartic way. The act of creating art can be a form of release, allowing individuals to process and cope with challenging emotions, traumas, or stressors. Moreover, art encourages mindfulness and presence in the moment, offering a respite from anxiety and fostering a sense of calm.

The very talented artpreneur Rajani Bhagya founder of the enterprise Creative Zindagi by Rajani, experienced a similar life event. She was battling depression during the pandemic and started to explore art as a form of therapy to heal herself and create a calmer mind space in life. She used to create different things and share it on her social media handle and WhatsApp. Her art got noticed by a lot of people and then she started to get enquiries and orders.

Holding a 9 to 5 job as a software engineer and also managing this passion project was not easy and Rajani took the bold step of quitting her secure, high paying job and became a full time womanpreneur!

Her brand Creative Zindagi by Rajani is an art startup offering a range of artistic products that can make a home look so chic, can preserve a personal memory and make it last forever, it can use striking paper art to create exquisite art forms. Her skills in creating artistic products is truly exemplary and Rajani has built quite a diverse offering.

Resin clocks, very contemporary and stylish are all time favourites of customers. Couple themed name plates, alphabet key chains and couple miniatures in gorgeous, glossy resin are hot picks. Resin beach art décor pieces. Couple theme fridge magnets. Hoop stands with couple names. Preserved Wedding flowers, Valentine Day flowers and special occasion flowers turned into marvelous décor. Check out the floral letters, tray, bowls, vases, lamps and many more things. Customization is another advantage that the brand offers. Functional or Funky. Cool or Blingy. You name it and Rajani will deliver it!

The growth curve is promising

“Having to focus on building the business from the ground up and given the many competing brands that are jostling for the same set of customers, we are looking to build up our business by creating really exclusive items and also customizing them for our customers.” Shares Rajani.

This strategic approach has seen the brand getting a steady flow of orders. The brand is aiming high and wants to establish itself as one of the premium brands in the gifting space for individuals as well as corporates.

There is also a social angle to the enterprise with Rajani hoping to grow the business so that she can donate a part of her profits to the needy.

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