Satisfy Your Cravings with Land Of Cakes: The Ultimate Sweet Retreat for Last-Minute Celebrations

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“A balanced diet is having a piece of cake in each hand.” –Anonymous

Cake Still Grabs The Sweetest Spot Amongst All Desserts!

There has been a paradigm shift from women being addressed as homemakers to home bakers and entrepreneurs, all thanks to the bakery market. From cupcakes to muffins, and cheesecake to customized fusion delicacies and bakery items, the sheroes are leaving no stone unturned to satiate the sugar cravings of cake lovers with their hand-crafted masterpieces.

What else could be better to uplift the mood, ambiance, and occasion at any time other than a gooey & spongy fresh cake? To top it all, isn’t it a boon having an instant delivering bakery that satiates the sweet palette with delectable cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and small serves. Megha Sarayan, the 24-year-old aspiring entrepreneur who owns and runs the brand “Land Of Cakes” offers sumptuous patisserie at budget-friendly prices with the best of quality and themed designs. Happily serving customers from 8 am to 12 midnight, this brand acts as a last-minute savior to all the forgetful cake lovers who want to celebrate occasions but somehow get trapped on account of ordering late timings. Making your memorable times special and full of jubilation, this Kolkata-based startup is sure to fascinate all cake aficionados.

The Founder’s Passion For Baking Layering Her Dreams Into Reality

Sharing her journey, Megha who single-handedly runs this venture mentions, “In the patisserie business, there is immense manual work and the shelf life of products is short, besides their difficulties around creating scalability. When I started making a few cakes in the beginning, it garnered much appreciation. Following my passion and grit, and encouragement from family and friends, I started this venture with a modest investment.”

The brand that started with an initial investment of only Rs. 2,500 and getting 1 order a week, is now selling an average of 100 daily orders. With leading clients such as Amazon, RPSG Ventures, Wipro, and many more, their business has grown 4X in the past two years in terms of revenue growth. They have 2 outlets and their biggest USP is the instant delivery and budget-friendly cakes in myriad flavors and designs. Their Bento box, piñata cakes, taco cakes, choco-chip loaves and cookies, Nutella pancakes, cheesecakes, and umpteen other innovative desserts are sure to make anyone drooling over. The brand sells through its Instagram & Facebook page and Swiggy and Zomato. It conducts frequent baking workshops to share its baking expertise and connect better with the masses. It was a huge success at the Kolkata Baking Carnival with much adulation. A few years down the line, it envisions creating a scalable model and treating its customers with consistently better and more flavorful varieties.

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