Revolutionizing Artificial Jewellery: TAREEF-SE-TARASHA’s Distinctive Designs and Competitive Pricing.

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3 min readMar 25, 2023

Artificial jewellery is a fabulous alternative for individuals seeking to diversify their accessory collection without shelling out a fortune. It’s also an ideal option for fashion enthusiasts keen on experimenting with diverse trends and styles without making a substantial investment. Artificial jewellery is a fun and cost-effective way to add glamour and personality to any ensemble.

One such brand launched by the very talented Diksha Agarwal is TAREEF-SE-TARASHA. “I started this brand during the lockdown at the age of 32. I was inspired by my mother who had a superb collection of artificial jewelry that everyone admired. I realized that this could definitely be a business opportunity and I started TAREEF-SE-TARASHA.”

The initial stage was challenging but now the brand has created its own niche and is growing steadily.

Tribal jewelry in a breathtaking variety of design, attractive styles and amazing finishes…

TAREEF-SE-TARASHA is that one artificial jewelry portal where the fun and excitement never ceases. “The designs that I have and the variety that I provide are very unique and premium. I have hundreds of pieces to offer, so my customers get to pick and choose from a huge collection.” says Diksha.

With a list of trusted and talented craftsmen on board TAREEF-SE-TARASHA has sourcing rights to nearly every kind of jewelry. Shapely adjustable finger rings, cute dangling earrings, ear cuffs, adjustable kadas, afghan choker, afghan hasli, afghan necklace, studded clutches and a wonderful range of jewelry sets that are not just a visual delight, but a real delight to wear and flaunt. Studded with semi-precious stones, crystals and intriguing metallic motifs, every piece has a vibe of its own.

What is more inviting is that the price range starts from a very affordable INR 500 and goes to just about INR 15K , which given the authenticity, the styling and the finish turns out to be a real steal.

So the next time you want jewelry that looks different, classy and affordable you know which link to click. Click here to discover TAREEF-SE-TARASHA’S exclusive, funky and truly admirable jewelry.

It’s all about changing perceptions to create a shining success story…

There is yet a certain hesitation when it comes to choosing and wearing artificial jewelry in India. It is still considered to be something meant for just casual occasions. But what TAREEF-SE-TARASHA has steadily achieved, is that, it has made its class of customers conscious that artificial jewllery can be equally glamorous and make one look really stylish too.

This approach, the high quality plus the fascinating designs has translated into truly positive word of mouth. Today the brand fulfills close to a 100 orders per month and there is a stream of new orders that keeps coming daily!

“The next step in my growth plan is to launch my ecommerce portal so as to reach out to a global audience. I also have plans to open my own office in my home town.” Says a beaming Diksha.

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