POLKA DOTS: Illuminating Spaces with Class and Calming Aromas

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Envision being presented with a gift that illuminates the surroundings with a gentle glow while simultaneously emitting delightful aromas that uplift the mood and soothe the senses.

This is the magic of luxury scented candles from the house of POLKA DOTS — a premium brand founded by womanpreneur Ruchita Adsul in 2020 with a very modest capital investment of INR 5,000.

Ruchita started her venture during the pandemic when gifting became a very challenging proposition. She came across the scented candles business during this phase and also read a lot about the way they could influence the environment they are placed in.

What made POLKA DOTS really distinct from the crowd, was that Ruchita who was pregnant when she launched the business had read how paraffin wax was not a sustainable choice. This prompted her to create her products with 100% hand poured soy wax. Today POLKA DOTS is a genuine, eco-friendly brand and has created a tempting portfolio of scented candles in different shapes and jars and also in the form of gorgeous gift hampers.

“Scented candles create a subtle psychological shift in the space they are lit in. They are a wonderful mix of beauty and therapy that essentially promote a sense of well-being, peace and calm, helping one to slow down and truly relax.” Says Ruchita

Check out the offerings below –

Intriguing Secret Message Candle that reveals a message as it burns down. What a way to share what’s on your mind or in your heart. The quirky looking Bubble Candle brings a dash of fun to any space. The burning flame brings the bubbles to life creating an enchanting dance of light and shadows. The Scented Wax Sachets fused with dried flowers, herbs and scented fragrant oils is another popular choice to freshen up wardrobes, closets or cabinets, The Coconut Island Scented Candle which is pure soy wax poured into natural coconut shells with a tropical fragrance is a unique gifting option. Want to gift something really exiting for a festive occasion? The Metal Handi Candle Jar is your first choice. Another great choice is the scented Frosted Jar Candle fused with rose petals that creates a delicate floral and woody fragrance. An entire range of jar candles in pleasing fragrances like lavender, coffee, Indian vanilla etc are available. Don’t forget to check out the gift hampers too at https://polkadotshomedecor.in/categories/gift-hampers

Spreading a fragrance that will entice more customers

The subtle fragrances, the aesthetic look and the enchanting presentation of the brand has truly caught the attention of the discerning customer. POLKA DOTS has served to bring a serene sense of calm to the personal space of more than 1000 customers till date. In what is a telling testimony for the brand, most of its customers are repeat customers which actually speaks volume about the quality and the range that is available. Now with the business set on a steady growth path, Ruchita is focusing on actually investing time and capital into building brand awareness.

Another very interesting concept that she wants to explore is the “LIVE STORE.” There are plans to design a very professional offline store, where customers will be shown a live demo of how candles are manufactured, how they are infused with different fragrances, how to choose candles and whole lot of other related things. The intention being to create a sense of appreciation for the product and the people behind the brand.

Click here https://www.instagram.com/polkadots_09/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA%3D% to choose a gift for your family and for yourself too.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polkadotsdecor1

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