Orgenza: Showcasing timeless and versatile handcrafted sarees for every mood and occasion.

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3 min readSep 24, 2022

India is a country known for its many art forms and rich culture. Everything from its festivals, food preparations, attire and languages is diverse and an invaluable part that gives India’s its identity. Indian attire receives a special mention as it is one of the most unique and most beloved aspects of Indian culture. The country is home to a range of textiles, yarns, embroideries and fabrics that showcase its intricacy and attention to detail. From the richness of silk to the comfort of cotton, the grandeur of brocade to the airy lightness of organza, the country is a potent cocktail of fabrics that clad its women in a variety of garments.

Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of Indian garments is the saree. Traditional yet sensuous, comfortable yet trendy the saree has long since been a favorite of Indian women. Such is it impact that the garment has been draped over popular supermodels at international fashion weeks!

With an aim to take this nine-yard fabric to greater heights, Pankaj Vaghela along with his brother Parth Vaghela launched their organza saree business in Gujarat in the year 2020 known as Orgenza.

“We have been in the business of sarees for a while but not in the B2C space. What began as a wholly B2B outfit slowly moved into the B2C terrain as the brand started receiving a lot of orders from customers directly through Instagram. We then created our website where we display as well as sell our products,” says Parth.

Needle and Thread

But what exactly is organza? It is essentially a lightweight, plain weave, sheer fabric that is made from silk. From traditional drape to party look — the organza silk saree makes perfect wear for numerous occasions giving its wearer a classy and sophisticated look. “The weaving process for organza fabric is quite cumbersome. Therefore, a lot of efforts goes into making an organza saree as it is completely handwoven. After the filament fibers — continuous, long strands of silk are produced. The two single fibers are then twisted together to form a yarn. However, before the yarns are woven into the fabric, it is treated with acid, thereby increasing the stiffness of the organza saree material. After this, the yarns are weaved together using the plain weave method,” explains Pankaj.

The brand offers a variety of organza sarees in every colour of the rainbow. They also have a number of variations when it comes to embellishments. You can find various embroideries like chikhankari, zardozi, gota as well as block printed weaves such as khadi in the brands extensive collection.

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What sets Orgenza apart from other saree brands is its packaging. Since sarees make a great gift for special occasions, the brand takes special care to giftwrap the saree beautifully so that the outside is as attractive as the inside gift. They also offer worldwide shipping and delivery to all their clients.

So far the brand has received more than 20k orders and served more than 10k happy clients. Orgenza routinely collaborates with other fabric brands to offer their clients a wide variety of options to choose from. In an age where ethnicity is becoming a rare sight, its brands like Orgenza that instills hope and continues to take Indian tradition to the new generation.

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