“My passion for fashion borders on insanity,” says this supermom.

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4 min readJan 17, 2023

Navina Ramesh fondly called Navi, a fashion freak based out of Chennai firmly believes that style streaks our attitude, attitude speaks our thoughts and thoughts showcase our personality. Coming from a business family, she always gets inspired by her hard-working dad, his whole approach to work, his love and respect for other people in the business.

Navi’s deep passion and craze towards fashion motivated her to give birth to her brainchild “Iyyai”. Instilled with fashion, style, and confidence baby girl “Iyyai” was born on woman’s day (March 8, 2022) in Chennai after many struggles.

Not all struggles are painful, some are joyful says Navi when she spoke about the journey of delivering her brainchild.

Although Navi gave birth to Iyyai, her sister ‘Sangeetha Ramesh’ stands as a great financial and moral support to grow Iyyai till now. Being a granddaughter of an inspirational man and the daughter of a passionate woman, Iyyai’s months passed like years as she started progressing exponentially.

Since the day Iyyai stepped into the fashion world, Navi sowed the seed of a mission in Iyyai’s soul to empower people, make them feel confident and youthful through the attire they wear. Iyyai also dedicated her heart and soul to this mission. In the voyage of fulfilling her mom’s dream, she also fulfilled people’s dreams by filling their wardrobes with unique dress collections.

People felt good and satisfied after wearing the unique creations by Iyyai like Maxi dresses, Midi slit dresses, Cotton summer dresses, Tunic tops, Peplum tops, Crop shirts, Indo-ethnic kurtis and what not?

Navi not alone mentored “Iyyai” on creating unique attires for people but also stressed her to serve the fashion industry by being cautious about the environment. She fed Iyyai with the most eco-friendly and premium quality Indian fabrics with a western touch. Each and every fabric is finely sourced and handcrafted with obsessive attention to minute details.

With good parenting, Iyyai became a child liked by many for her good traits. To contribute to the sustainable development of society, Iyyai made sure there is no overproduction, slower production schedules, fewer carbon footprints, fair wages, and minimal waste during the creation process.

Inspired by her mother, Iyyai always wanted to stand out from the crowd. She only makes limited edition attires and even sometimes makes less than 5 pieces of a design in a pilot collection. Most of the time, customers have to pre-book new launches as it goes out of stock soon as she never overproduces even in high demand. That way Iyyai stands unique by the concept of limited edition rather than stocking garments and creating a huge amount of wastage.

One day Iyyai asked her mom, what does my name mean? She said it means “Young lady” and the lady who is gonna revolutionize slow fashion.

Before we windup, we asked Navi where we can see Iyyai in the years ahead. She gave a beautiful answer that in the future, she will build a Walk-in studio that becomes a one-stop solution for ready-made and custom-made attires. Iyyai will be focusing on satisfying the customers who walk into the studio by serving unique limited edition attires. She also winked and said that she is planning for a sister to Iyyai who will be focusing purely on customisation — giving our customers a holistic personalised experience.

We feel glad to meet a crazy lady like Navi who nurtures her fashion brand ‘Iyyai’ like her own child.

Visit the Instagram handle iyyai.in to fill your wardrobe with unique limited edition attires.

Whatsapp number +918438125770.

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