Maxworth Impact — Anupriya Agarwal is redefining brand communications with fresh strategies and exciting communication perspectives.

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4 min readMay 10, 2024

Look around the bustling landscape of today’s business world, and you’ll witness an exciting surge of women confidently embracing entrepreneurship as their career path. Whether it’s the thriving space of home-based businesses, the vibrant niches of fashion, handicrafts, art, or jewelry, or even the prestigious corporate boardrooms of multinational giants, women are carving out success stories that resonate across a myriad of business domains.

One such womanpreneur who is making not just an impression, but also a lasting impact is Anupriya Agarwal.

In just four transformative years, amidst the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anupriya has steered her enterprise MAXWORTH IMPACT to remarkable heights. What began as a humble Social Media Management enterprise has evolved into a powerhouse of brand strategy and marketing expertise with a working footprint in nearly every state across India.

By creating a winning fusion of smart strategy, focused creativity, financial acumen and harnessing technology to the fullest, Anupriya has crafted an image of herself as a business savvy communication professional with a service repertoire that delivers on its promises.

“I shine in the spotlight today, but it’s the guiding light of my teachers, the unwavering support of my family and team, the encouragement of friends, and the empowerment from a network of remarkable women leaders that illuminate my path as a leader.” — Anupriya

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Anupriya is relentlessly driving her business towards new horizons of growth. What drives her, is her sheer passion for everything that she does. Whether working with her clients, mentoring her interns or learning something new, her passion is what keeps motivating her dynamic team to push boundaries and innovate, crafting branding solutions that not only elevate client businesses, but also fuel collective progress.

Creating a professional and a personal impact that is making a tangible difference

Along with her reputation, Anupriya’s corporate brand MAXWORTH IMPACT too stands out distinctly. Armed with a team of specialists proficient in web development, visual branding, brand shoot concepts, and growth strategies, with a strong emphasis on e-commerce and Shopify websites, the work quality is evident in its extensive portfolio of collaborations with over 100 esteemed brands, startups, institutes, foundations, and individuals.

From orchestrating high-profile brand launches with renowned establishments like Taj Khazana to serving clients on a global scale, Anupriya’s visionary leadership knows no bounds. Yet, her impact extends beyond mere accomplishments.

Knowing from her own experience how important it is to get guidance and a mentor for starting a business, Anupriya is deeply committed to nurturing talent and fostering innovation, offering paid opportunities for budding talents to thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Her influence transcends the confines of her firm, as she mentors within startup ecosystems and lends her expertise to esteemed panels for national board studies at renowned institutions.

Anupriya’s undeniable contributions to the field of brand strategy and communications have earned her prestigious accolades, including a coveted award in 2023. Moreover, the registration of her firm as an MSME underscores its unwavering commitment to sustainable growth and enduring success. Her belief in the power, potential, and passion for success that women possess is so aptly summed in the words she shared below.

“As women entrepreneurs, we are not just catalysts for innovation and diversity; we are the architects of transformation. With open minds, collaborative spirits, and unwavering humility, we pave the way for progress, both economic and societal. Our rise in entrepreneurial roles in India is not just a reflection of our individual success, but a testament to the power of inclusivity and empowerment in driving meaningful change.” — Anupriya

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