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In the complex world of design freelancing, one who truly comprehends the challenge of swift turnarounds for client assignments is Heer Virvadia, an enterprising design professional. Founding GRAPHICAL BIZBOX at the tender age of 20 on May 2, 2020, Heer, driven by an insatiable passion for design, embarked on a journey to revolutionize the design business in Surat.

While in college, she began teaching as a craft and drawing instructor, shaping young minds as a craft and drawing instructor. Simultaneously, she pursued learning graphic design at IIFD Surat.

Heer smartly planned her foray into graphic design, capitalizing on the rising demand accelerated by the post-COVID era. During the pandemic, she strategized for her brand, establishing key points and client-centric solutions under her name. Through persistent efforts, she showcased her work on social media, garnering attention and gradually building client relationships across various cities in India.

Today GRAPHICAL BIZBOX is not merely a design hub; it’s a space dedicated to formulating marketing strategies for social media accounts. Armed with an innovative portfolio and insightful studies, GRAPHICAL BIZBOX under Heer’s visionary leadership provides clients with the creative impetus needed to launch and elevate their brands. Investing personal capital into this venture, Heer envisioned a trajectory that propels her enterprise to the forefront of the design industry, establishing GRAPHICAL BIZBOX as the go-to destination for clients seeking top-notch design services and solutions.

As Heer says, “We, at GRAPHICAL BIZBOX, design to drive digital transformation. We define you, the way you want.”

Creating a digital footprint with design that connects

GRAPHICAL BIZBOX is well positioned with its smart suite of visual design tools to partner every client in creating communication that will make their business stand out in the visual clutter.

Graphical Bizbox gives you the door to interesting and creative ideas for your ultimate work goals.

We Design:

Marketing Collaterals~ Branding~ Bespoke Invites~ Social Media Graphics~ Stationery Design~ Packaging & Label~ Website Design.

Why Graphical Bizbox?

Well, bizbox is basically lines of work box connecting the designs. A place for fully featured and innovative design and graphics. It can be put into the element of visual art to give you the best quality design and graphics.

Presently, the enterprise boasts of a comprehensive array of communication designs, serving as a source for fully featured and innovative design and graphics solutions. The service menu caters to a multitude of business demands offering Marketing Collaterals, Logo Design, Invitation Cards and E Invites, Photo Manipulation, Brand and Service Advertising, Menu Design, Magazine Design, Packaging and Label Design, Wall Paper Design, Fabric Print Design, Flex Banner Design and an ensemble of other offerings.

With a wealth of industry expertise, Heer emerges as a master in crafting communication that seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with precise brand positioning. This unique blend not only yields a commendable return on investment across social media ad spends, but also propels brand recall and visibility in the fiercely competitive market arena.

Be it Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Snapchat, GRAPHICAL BIZBOX prides itself on perfecting every aspect — from creative dimensions and post scheduling to brand messaging and ad performance tracking. This meticulous attention to detail positions GRAPHICAL BIZBOX as a creative ally, renowned for delivering tangible business results and maximizing the value of every spent rupee.

Creating a smart marketing tool to drive growth for clients as well as the enterprise

GRAPHICAL BIZBOX as a medium, is helping clients drive their growth and in turn its own growth with its offerings. The scope for using social media as a marketing tool is growing exponentially every passing day and Heer sees this factor accelerating the progress of the enterprise.

Heer’s ambition extends far beyond the city limits of Surat, reaching clients across the vast expanse of India. Having already etched her name in the industry, and have worked with many brands. Heer now gazes into the future with the anticipation of the next five years, anticipating the birth of her own design enterprise.

In this narrative of growth and transformation, Heer’s GRAPHICAL BIZBOX isn’t just a business; it’s a kaleidoscope of innovation and communication-driven designs that promise to redefine the very fabric of visual storytelling. But what truly distinguishes Heer’s creations is the promise of a personal touch — sometimes a signature blend of color rich tones, sometimes warm and intimate, and at times elegantly minimalistic that wraps every design in an enchanting allure.

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