Footwear with a Purpose: GreenSole’s Sustainable and Stylish Shoe Collection

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The footwear industry is a vast and dynamic sector that encompasses a wide range of products, from everyday shoes to specialized athletic footwear. It plays a significant role in the global fashion and lifestyle market, with a growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices to address environmental and social concerns.

GREENSOLE founded by Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami is a fast-evolving footwear venture that commenced operations in May 2015. It is touted as the first circular brand in India and also the first vegan footwear brand in the country.

Shriyans and Ramesh, both accomplished athletes and avid runners, stumbled upon a disconcerting reality — they were discarding old shoes and inadvertently contributing to a globally pervasive problem. What dismayed them even more was the staggering statistic that millions of footwear pairs met the same fate in landfills. Adding a distressing dimension to this concern was the sobering fact that numerous rural people lacked the basic privilege of owning a pair of shoes.

This deep realization ignited their entrepreneurial spirit, leading them to embark on a transformative journey. The catalyst was Ramesh, who, with his inclination for repairing shoes, inspired Shriyans with the idea of upcycling and leveraging their skills for the greater good. Their united vision was crystal clear: to make a meaningful impact by addressing both the environmental and societal facets of this meaningful issue.

The statistics for this venture today reflect how much difference an idea can make — 417,000 FOOTWEAR PROVIDED & 2,085,000 CO2 EMISSIONS SAVED (LBS) “Our efforts are focused on providing cost-effective, durable footwear that’s both stable and sustainable. In a market where sustainability can be elusive, we offer a transparent way for you to track the eco-friendliness of our products.” Said Shriyans.

Product portfolio that is driven by trendy footwear design and genuine eco-friendly production benchmarks GREENSOLE’s business model revolves around recycling discarded shoes and apparel into comfortable footwear, bags, mats, and pouches. This approach keeps these items away from landfills while simultaneously providing them to children in need.

Materials are methodically chosen for both comfort and environmental impact. Uppers consist of ethically sourced, organic plant-based textiles and recycled materials (up to 70–90% sustainable). Soles are made from recycled materials, promoting circularity and striving for Zero Waste.

The lining is crafted from recyclable, resource-efficient recycled PET (rPET) bottle mesh. In addition, Ortholite® Recycled™ insoles are crafted from 98% post-production waste material, closing the loop on responsible material usage. Elevate your style from the collection of Cool Sneakers in trendy colors, Sleek Sliders, Quirky Slip Ons, Vibrant Hues, and Pastel shades adorned with motifs, plus Sliders designed especially for women and stylish Denim Shoes. The choices are yours to pick and enhance your style quotient. Ensuring progress that leaves a conscious and well-intentioned imprint on society, the environment as well and the enterprise At GREENSOLE there is a clear mandate — provide sustainable footwear for everyone, be it the conscious retail customer or the underprivileged, effectively combining the quest of social good and eco-friendly footwear. With a reach that stretches across India, the enterprise not only retails sustainable shoes but also donates them to those less fortunate and this vision isn’t limited to India alone; the long-term plan is to expand each to different countries.

With a robust online presence, GREENSOLE boasts a customer base of more than 30,000 satisfied individuals and partners with over 55 corporate entities that support their initiative. Its remarkable accomplishments have earned it recognition on prestigious platforms such as Forbes’ “30 under 30” list, Dun & Bradstreet, and inclusion in the ranks of trailblazing startups. It has even made its mark on the international stage with a presence at the G20 summit.

In the coming years, GREENSOLE envisions itself as a mainstream brand synonymous with sustainability. It aspires to see individuals proudly wearing their footwear as a statement of their commitment to the environment. Moreover, for each pair of shoes purchased, GREENSOLE pledges to donate and recycle, further amplifying the social and economic impact of the enterprise.

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