DANCING ELEPHANTS — A trusted brand for comfort wear for newborns, toddlers and mothers to be.

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4 min readMay 2, 2024

In the pursuit of one’s dreams, it’s unwavering determination and relentless drive that pave the path to success. This profound truth became the guiding force for Megha Kaushal, the visionary behind the iconic brand, DANCING ELEPHANTS.

Megha’s entrepreneurial spark, inherited from her father’s successful garment venture, fueled her dream of owning a fashion label. Despite initial family hesitations, Megha’s persistence paid off and she finally launched her own brand.

Driven by unwavering ambition, Megha pursued an MBA in fashion business from IAM Gurgaon, immersing herself in the vibrant world of garments and fashion. Armed with both family legacy and newfound expertise, Megha dove headfirst, into the exciting world of fashion, ready to make her mark.

The unexpected loss of her father posed a significant challenge, but Megha refused to let adversity dampen her spirits. With resilience and grit, she forged connections with fabric manufacturers, tailors, and artisans, earning their respect and trust through her dedication and hard work.

Today, as the proud owner of DANCING ELEPHANTS, Megha’s vision extends beyond simply creating stylish garments. Her brand is a warm and welcoming community, where mothers and children come together to celebrate comfort, joy, and togetherness.

“For me, success isn’t about being at the top of the rankings,” Megha shares. “My dream is to create a place where everyone who interacts with our brand feels safe and happy.”

Designing not just for fashion but also for practical day to day life

Catering to kids aged 0–2 years and expecting, post-delivery, and breastfeeding mothers, DANCING ELEPHANTS offers a delightful range of clothing essentials.

For the tiny tots, the collection includes nappies, panties, bloomers, washcloths, swaddles, wrappers, and even a cozy mustard pillow and nursing arm pillow for added comfort. Boys can strut their stuff in trendy shirts, pants, sets, and suits, while girls can twirl in style with tops, skirts, onesies, rompers, and dresses.

Moms, we have you covered too! Choose from dresses, blouses, tops, leggings, and shorts that are made to be comfortable. Megha personally curates each fabric and pattern to provide the ideal balance of comfort, breathability, and style.

Maternity clothes are designed to protect your growing bump and keep your baby safe, with stretchable fabrics for comfort without feeling tight.

At DANCING ELEPHANTS, we prioritize your little one’s well-being. That’s why we carefully select fabrics that are gentle on their delicate skin, free from harmful chemicals. Even the buttons are thoughtfully chosen — crafted from coconut for added safety, ensuring peace of mind for moms and endless cuddles for babies.

Comfort, Connection, Conservation: DANCING ELEPHANTS Leads the Way.

Beyond the business of marketing and hustling, DANCING ELEPHANTS is evolving into a sanctuary of comfort, kindness, and sincere connection.

Amidst a sea of waste, DANCING ELEPHANTS serves as a beacon of hope for sustainability. Despite the financial repercussions, the business actively abandons plastic packaging in favor of eco-friendly alternatives. It’s a tiny but heartfelt gesture that demonstrates its strong commitment to preserving the world we share.

But the trip does not stop there. DANCING ELEPHANTS values inclusivity and empowerment. Megha’s desire to provide education and opportunities to transgender people exemplifies the brand’s dedication to creating a world in which everyone is celebrated and appreciated.

“I would consider myself lucky and blessed, if I could help even just one transgender to earn a purposeful living and lead a respectable life.” Shared Megha.

And as the company moves forward, its steps are led by a deep sense of resolve for animals too. With each purchase, customers can become participants in a noble cause, helping to protect elephants and their habitats.

DANCING ELEPHANTS is therefore, more than simply clothing; it’s a pledge of hope — a commitment to build a future in which every living being is respected and safeguarded.

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