CraftS2dio — Home décor handcrafted out of sheer passion and an artist’s eye for classy aesthetics

When a Physics graduate with expertise in Fashion Design decided to follow her passion from childhood, her soul was mirrored physically in the form of CraftS2dio, a unique design brand that is today a popular space for handmade home décor and upcycled /recycled décor products.

Shobha Mohata, the founder says “Being brought up in a joint family means that special occasions at home and festivals bring about different duties being chalked out for everyone until everything is taken care of. But the same job of making décor for these was reserved for me, simply because I would grab the opportunity every time. Growing up in Kolkata, I used to participate enthusiastically in making décor for Pooja pandals using sola wood. My designs gained a lot of appreciation and that got me interested in taking up art as a business.”

Starting out as an enterprise in 2016, Shobha marketed her creations for the first time in Bengaluru at Sakhi, one of The Lalit Ashok’s annual exhibitions. By 2019, Crafts2dio crept into the limelight and became a full-fledged enterprise.

Spreading creativity with insightful workshops

Shobha Mohata is an ArtPreneur and an ArtEducator. Today, CraftS2dio is not just a trusted and creative space for home décor items, but also an institution because it creates a valuable knowledge base in the field of art through carefully curated workshops and innovative DIY kits. Shobha has conducted workshops for corporations like Google, Toys R Us, Itsy Bitsy, Project Eve, Commvault and other groups of enthusiastic learners. “As a trainer, my hard work is rewarded when the participants are happy with the outcome of the workshop,” says Shobha.

An exciting portfolio of Home Décor — Lippan Kaam, Clay Murals, Wall Decor, Mixed media Decor, Nameplates, Dream Catchers, Mandalas, Trousseau Décor, Upcycled/Recycled Bottles and Hand Painted Items make CraftS2dio a virtual one stop shopfor art enthusiasts, shopaholics and people wanting to amp their homes and those of their loved ones.

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What makes the portfolio so attractive is that all the products are handmade, and they are uniquely so. The orientation towards attention to details and every possible customization requested by clients are other elements that add to it.

CraftS2dio — When your products are loved and admired by your customers, growth and success go hand in hand

Having served numerous customers, Shobha’s experience has gone to a whole new level, as has her connection with art, which keeps growing stronger. “We have recently launched our e-commerce website which we’re very excited about” shares Shobha.

Shobha intends to devote more time to creating a business model focused on creating job opportunities and scaling Crafts2dio, by creating new products and holding more workshops.

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