CLUTCH CRAFT — How the fusion of wanderlust and the fascination for India’s artistic heritage created a fashion accessory brand!

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Travel exposes us to so many wonderful experiences and Art influences our senses in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. To harness all this into something tangible and meaningful surely demands a mind and eye of an entrepreneur! And who better to craft the most exquisite clutches for women than a womanpreneur herself!

Immersed in a lifelong love affair with travel and the hidden treasures of India’s remote corners, Ajeta, the visionary designer force behind CLUTCH CRAFT, embodies the essence of wanderlust and sartorial sophistication. Having navigated the corridors of retail giants like Future Group, Big Bazaar, and Max Lifestyle, Ajeta’s tenure with the Ministry of Textile further honed her expertise, paving the way for her transformative journey in the fashion realm.

Based in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Ajeta embarked on her creative odyssey armed with nothing but a dream, two artisans, and a mere ₹10,000. With an unwavering commitment to showcasing India’s rich heritage and culture through her designs, Ajeta’s debut collection of clutches flew off the shelves within a mere two days, just the push she needed.

Harnessing the power of digital platforms, Ajeta seamlessly transitioned CLUTCH CRAFT from a local endeavor to a global phenomenon. With an eclectic clientele spanning the globe from London to Singapore, her creations have become synonymous with elegance and panache, adorning the arms of discerning fashion connoisseurs worldwide.

Crafted by skilled artisans by blending traditional techniques with premium materials

At CLUTCH CRAFT customers are spoiled for choice with a diverse range of styles to suit any occasion. From sleek satin pieces perfect for formal events to vibrant designs ideal for nights out, there’s something for everyone.

The latest collection of handcrafted leather bags draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Kutchi artistry, offering an indulgent experience in sophistication. Timeless elegance is embodied in the premium canvas clutch, adorned with enchanting Madhubani artistry, while the rustic charm of the Ajrakh handblock print clutch adds a touch of personality.

Exclusivity is paramount with offerings like the Chanderi white clutches and Indigo creations, alongside statement pieces like the Pure Tussar Handpainted Madhubani Clutch, meticulously adorned with zardozi, pearls, and crystals. For brides seeking regal allure, the Limited-Edition Bridal Clutch is a standout choice, while Popular Party Clutches add glamour to any occasion.

Exploring the stunning Khand Clutch Collection or embracing the allure of Banarasi Silk with Pure Banarasi Clutches allows customers to elevate their style further. The Colorful Patchwork Kantha Stole offers vibrant elegance, while Ajrakh print Tote Bags and exclusive Banarasi Silk Potli complete the look with sophistication and grace.

At CLUTCH CRAFT, a range of personalization options is available to tailor each clutch to individual style preferences. From monogramming to custom embellishments and color choices, customers have the freedom to create a clutch that truly reflects their personality and unique taste.

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Collaborations, innovation and a new product line — the ticket to growth

Hailing from Lucknow and armed with a Master’s degree in fashion designing from Delhi, Ajeta’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Fueled by an insatiable desire to excel, Ajeta’s relentless pursuit of perfection has seen the brand evolve from a niche venture into a powerhouse of haute couture and craftsmanship.

From its modest beginnings, where CLUTCH CRAFT, raked in a modest revenue of just rupees 2 lakhs in its inaugural year, to its meteoric rise, achieving a staggering turnover of 25 lakhs during the financial year 21–22, Ajeta’s vision has propelled CLUTCH CRAFT to the forefront of the fashion accessory industry.

Collaborating with over 300 artisans from across the country, Ajeta has created a win-win relationship riding on innovation and seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair.

As CLUTCH CRAFT continues to make waves in the fashion landscape, Ajeta’s vision knows no bounds. With over 1 lakh clutches sold and counting, CLUTCH CRAFT is now poised to redefine elegance with its foray into handmade stoles.

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