Big Food Co. — Hosting a party? This cloud kitchen will deliver an unforgettable feast at your doorstep.

What is the most memorable thing about a party? Is it the music? The location? The crowd or the food? If you picked the last option then the following start up is right up your alley. A celebration of good food along with affordable prices is the USP of Big Food Co. founded by Abhay Harwani in September 2019. Catering to the young and energetic, Big Food Co. provides sumptuous dishes that are big on flavor and sure to be crowd pleasers.

Hailing from a family of caterers who have been in the food industry since the past 30 years, Abhay was used to catering for weddings and corporate events up to 5000 guests. However, he noticed that there was no dedicated service that catered to smaller events like house parties and other intimate gatherings. The other players in the market either don’t have a processed system or lack the quantity to take up these orders as they do not have a dedicated segment that focuses solely on this. So with an aim to fill the gap in the market, Abhay began catering bulk food deliveries for house parties and small gatherings at the age of 29.

Big on Flavour, Light on the Pocket

The Big Food Co. offers a vast range of dishes to choose from. One of their best selling items is the prepackaged meal boxes. These boxes contain mostly Indian food that sits within tightly sealed containers that do not leak or spill. A single box costs Rs 300.
“Until now, we have fulfilled more than 100 orders of such boxes and have received a great response from our clients. For a more professional touch, we even provide the food in glass bowls on request,” says the founder.

True to its name, Big Food Co. caters to bulk orders for parties and offers dishes by the kilo. “Clients can choose from a variety of dishes that we serve by the kilo. Biryani is one of the most popular items so we serve it in buckets. For a smaller gathering, clients can opt for a small bucket and for a full-fledged party scene, big bucket it is. Our prices are not more than Rs 400–600 per dish for large portions and this makes us a favorite amongst youngsters who want delicious food at pocket friendly prices,” explains Abhay.

Making a Mark

The brand offers its food through various food delivery apps like zomato, swiggy, radyes & thrive along with their own website within Mumbai. Having gotten orders from corporate clients like L’Oreal, GRA, ABI Lighting and IGI, Big Food Co. is certainly a hit at parties. As the brand has grown it has amassed roughly 300 orders per month and is seeing a continued rise in popularity. Abhay also hopes to dabble into the elite mini buffet space as it is another key component to the current services. “We are looking at being a one stop party solution for our clients and would love to be a part of all their happy occasions,” concludes Abhay.

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