Art of Gauri: This resin artist is taking Delhi by storm with her personalized artworks for gifting & home décor.

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But what exactly is resin? Resin is found in nature, but can be created synthetically as well. It is traditionally thick and viscous, and is generally used to manufacture varnishes and paints.

But art resin is a newly formed type of synthetic resin that is chemically less toxic and harsh, specifically created to be used for artistic purposes. It can be used to create some beautiful paintings, home décor items, trays, coasters and sometimes even furniture as well.

Learning the Ropes

Riding on the resin wave is Gauri of “Art of Gauri”. She is a self-taught artist that uses the method of resin making to create beautiful products that are loved by one and all. Born to an interior designer father, Gauri always had an inclination towards the arts. However, it was not interior design that she wanted to pursue.

“My father wanted me to be an interior designer and asked me to join his business. I tried working in the line for three years but I realized that it was not my calling. I wanted to be an artist only. Thankfully my father is the only person who supported me and said that I was born to be an artist,” explains Gauri.

With just an initial investment of Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 4,000 at the age of 26, Gauri began Art of Gauri in 2018 in Delhi. She began by making acrylic paintings and slowly progressed to resin art. Initially, people were skeptical about resin art and it did not garner the desired response.

Gauri tried her hand at a few different products using the method of resin and finally it caught traction. The audience was fascinated by Gauri’s idea of preserving flowers in resin so that it is a permanent keepsake.

Labour of Love

“One thing that I do not compromise is the quality of the product. Working with resin is a lengthy, painstaking process and I ensure that the quality is maintained throughout the product. Some of my products take 20–25 days to complete as it requires lot of time and effort.

I am fortunate that my clients are so patient and understanding that they are willing to wait almost a month for these products. One of my best sellers is resin diary which is a diary notebook made using coloured resin and pressed flowers,” says Gauri.

The resin diary gained so much popularity that famous Radio City RJ Jiah placed an order for the same and was willing to wait for 5 months to receive it, since there was so much demand for this product. Upon receiving it, she was extremely happy with the product and also gave her a shout out on social media. In the last 2 years Gauri has successfully fulfilled around 6,000 orders and aims to be a well-known resin artist in Delhi.

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