AnKiTA: This Artist Depicts Womanhood Through Watercolour Paintings

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way — things I had no words for” — Georgia O’Keeffe. This famous quote perfectly sums up how painting is the most basic form of self-expression. It is a visual dance of the imagination that precedes over spoken words, making thoughts visible, allowing even the youngest children to communicate their ideas, express what they are feeling, construct knowledge and attempt to make sense of their world.

Painting gives voice to the unspoken, allowing one to explore, discover and experiment even before they can attach words or meaning to what they have painted. Perhaps that is why some of the most famous paintings in the world are priceless as they display the thoughts and mindset of painters that are long gone. It is this very need for self-expression that Ankita Ghosh, a painter from Kolkatta began her venture AnKiTA that gives a creative expression to her thoughts and sensibilities.

AnKiTA: Power House Of Creativity

A driven and confident woman, Ankita believes in the power and beauty of women and depicts this through her art. Her chosen method is watercolor paintings and conveys all the stages of a woman’s life- her emotions, desires and her thoughts. It takes you on a journey of womanhood and touches upon each aspect of this beautiful journey. “As a woman myself, I can feel the emotions of a woman deeply. In my paintings the woman usually has long hair, big dewy eyes like my own mother or like Indian goddesses Durga maa, Kali maa. I mostly use saree as an attire because I belong to a Bengali family and culture, and the saree is an invaluable part of my culture. I love to use red color because I think red defines womanhood perfectly.’ Shares Ankita.

AnKiTA: Creativity At Its Best

One of the most surprising things about the brand is that Ankita has no formal training in art or painting. It is pure talent and dedication that has driven her to start creating her own paintings and sharing them through social media apps. “Being a self-taught artist I do not follow any one style of painting. I have studied art through Youtube and by observing other artists. Hence there is no official name to my style of painting,” says Ankita.

She launched her Instagram page in the 2020 lockdown with an aim to pass her time, but just 2 years later she is a professional artists who creates commissioned work for clients. Her friends and family encouraged her to pursue her talent and continue showcasing her artwork through social media and increase her skills simultaneously. Ankita’s journey is an inspiration in itself as she tries to illustrate the journey of womanhood in India.

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