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In these fast-paced times, there are occasions where we may feel the need to gather our thoughts, or even express ourselves in private. For that, the best way is to jot down all the points and assess our priorities calmly and in a reasonably logical manner. This is where the habit of journaling and planning comes into play to make our lives a little less chaotic.

PRETTY CRAFTY TALES, a brand started by Prajakta Hardas in 2018, is here to make all your journaling, planning and crafting needs delightful, meaningful and memorable.

Having started this handcrafting journey when she was still working in a full-time job, Prajakta is a big DIY fan and used to make her own planning stickers. They were so catchy that her friends encouraged her to start a home-grown business in the same category. Thus, PRETTY CRAFTY TALES was started and one pretty thing led to another.

In India there are limited options available and most retailers stock stuff that is very common and sometimes not catering to your unique style and needs. Prajakta, however, creates and curates completely unique, handcrafted and hand-picked products. There are tiny word stickers for journaling, colourful themed planner stickers, bright and cute polaroid style journaling cards, pretty notepads, intricate die cuts, themed flip books, embossed papers and a whole lot more!

Making the task of organizing a schedule, writing down introspective thoughts, verses, plain notes and even highlighting priorities in an easy, attractive and fun way with stationery and craft supplies — this is the core offering of PRETTY CRAFTY TALES.

Workshops to help you start your journaling journey

The simplest of tasks are also something we can do so creatively. PRETTY CRAFTY TALES makes that possible by helping first timers with workshops to get them started on their journaling journey. The beginner-friendly workshops are not just helpful, they are even therapeutic! It consists of types and styles of journaling, planning, supplies to be used, how to create content, mock layouts and a lot more interesting stuff! Follow PRETTY CRAFTY TALES to learn more!

Making note of growth

Having brought delight to an ever-growing number of customers and with the many positive reviews that continue to come in, PRETTY CRAFTY TALES is now focusing on making its operations more professional. It plans to cut down on response time to orders, add more products to its inventory and enhance the entire online shopping experience by making it more immersive and relevant to customer demands.

The team has hired photographers to ensure that the products are showcased in the best possible way. There is also a team in place to make the digital market outreach on its social media handles more effective. Their Website Newsletters come with benefits of free digital downloads of cute designs, creative inspiration, behind the scenes and exclusive discount codes!

The collective impact being that the brand is now more visible and generating a happy buzz in the journaling and craft space.

Click here https://www.instagram.com/prettycraftytales/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D to discover more!

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